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News archive:
  •  2016.October: We will present our collaborative approach to workloads benchmarking at ARM TechCon'16 (Oct.27, Santa Clara, USA)
  •  2016.October: We will present Collective Knowledge approach for unified artifact sharing MozFest'16 Open Science Session (Oct.27, London, UK)
  •  2016.September: We have released CK V1.8.2 with continuous integration, support for farms of machines, new CK documentation, and new Open Science resources at GitHub!
  •  2016.August: We helped organize Artifact Evaluation for PACT'16!
  •  2016.June: Congratulations to Abdul Memon (my last PhD student) for successfully defending his thesis "Crowdtuning: Towards Practical and Reproducible Auto-tuning via Crowdsourcing and Predictive Analytics" in the University of Paris-Saclay. Most of the software, data sets and experiments are not only reproducible but also shared as reusable and extensible components via Collective Mind and CK!
  •  2016.June: Dagstuhl workshop on Engineering Academic Software!
  •  2016.June: Our Collective Knowledge approach for collaborative and reproducible experimentation was presented at the Smart Anything Everywhere Workshop: Enhancing digital transformation in European SMEs!
  •  2016.May: Thanks to a one-year grant from Microsoft, we have moved Collective Knowledge Repository to Azure cloud!
  •  2016.May: I presented Collective Knowledge technology and Artifact Evaluation at the ACM, IBM and MIT!
  •  2016.April: We are starting new CK-based research project with Imperial College London funded by TETRACOM - more info to come soon!
  •  2016.March.14: Thank you for a very positive feedback about new Artifact Evaluation procedures and Collective Knowledge concept at the CGO/PPoPP'16!
  •  2016.March: We presented our paper "Collective Knowledge: towards R&D sustainability" and demonstrated CK-based crowdtuning results at DATE'16.
  •  2016.March.1: We have released updated CK with Android app to crowdsource GCC/LLVM tuning!
  •  2016.January: ADAPT'16 program with keynote by Ed Plowman (ARM) is now available online - check out Reddit discussions!
  •  2015.November: I gave a guest lecture about Collective Knowledge at the University of Manchester [slides]!
  •  2015.November: We co-organized exciting Dagstuhl perspective workshop on artifact evaluation - the report will follow soon!
  •  2015.September: We released our Collective Knowledge Framework for collaborative and reproducible R&D [GitHub, live demo]!
  •  2015.March: I gave a guest lecture at the University of Copenhagen [slides]!
  •  2015.February: I received HiPEAC technology transfer award for validating my new Collective Knowledge Framework and Repository at ARM;
  •  Recent publications with my long-term vision: [DATE'16 (with artifacts), CPC'15 (with artifacts), Scientific Programming'14 (with artifacts), TRUST@PLDI'14].

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